Bilspill - Konkurranser etc. Anmeldelser av bilspill for Playstation, PC og XBox NM Colin McRae Dirt 2007 NM Richard Burns Rally 2008
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Need For Speed Shift
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Welcome to WRC racing
Valgt spill:

These pages are ment for a selected few (virtual) car racing enthusiasts who competes for the best track times on the different stages. The different games may be run on different platforms, e.g. PS2, PS3, PC and so on.

To attend the competition, you have to be a member. Since the times submitted are not checked, we heavily depend on the people being honest about the times and that the tracks are driven according to the rules. Because of this we only acknowledge people we know, or otherwise trust, as members. But of course feel free to compare your times against ours ...

You are also welcome to participate in the forum (many/most postings in norwegian).

If you have any opinions about these pages, you may send a message to the webmaster.

Valgt spill:

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