Bilspill - Konkurranser etc. Anmeldelser av bilspill for Playstation, PC og XBox NM Colin McRae Dirt 2007 NM Richard Burns Rally 2008
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Need For Speed Shift
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CMR Dirt Rally 4WD Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Need For Speed Shift Richard Burns Rally Richard Burns Rally/PC WRC 3 WRC 4 WRC4-RBR-CMR5 WRC Rally Evolved
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Total ranking With interplation

This list possibly contains interpolated time and points where the members has not fullfilled all countries.

Interpolated times is shown as"Diff"-The column with brackets around, and shows approximately how long after the member would hav been if he/she had finished all the countries.

Interpolated times are caluculated this way:

  • The times fro the countries that are completed are then compared with the times for the one who tops the total ranking.
  • This comparision gives a factor on 1.00 or higher (times summed for the leader summed divided on times summer for a given member)
  • This factor is then used for every country to calculate the time that would be used by this member on this country
  • The estimated times for the countries that the member has not finished are then added to the times for the countries finished.
  • In the end the interpolated time is shown as the difference compared with the leader. The total time itself is shown as normal.

With reservation for errors