Bilspill - Konkurranser etc. Anmeldelser av bilspill for Playstation, PC og XBox NM Colin McRae Dirt 2007 NM Richard Burns Rally 2008
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Need For Speed Shift
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1  Membership
1.1 Membership may be acquired by being recommended by another member. This is because base the submitted times on trust, so we do not want any unserious participants.
2  Cars and equipment
2.1 Only cars in the WRC-class (including upgrades) may be used. Extreme/concept cars, or any other than WRC-class cars shall not be used. The car brand may be chosen freely.
2.2 When setting times, please select the car used.
2.3 You may choose either manual or automatic transmission.
2.4 You may freely set up the car based on your own preferences.
2.5 You must use a wheel and pedals. Using a hand controller is not allowed.
2.6 You must sit inside the car or use the bumpercam view. It is not allowed to see the car from the outside while driving.
3  Driving realism
3.1 You are not allowed to consciously use totally urealistic manoeuvres. Examples:
---> It is not allowed to skid on the rails in hairpin turns, or consciously use the rail to improve the times.
---> It is not allowed to take shortcuts that would NEVER be used in real life.
---> It is not allowed to use dangerous terrain (mountains, rocks etc.) as a way to brake before/in turns.
3.2 When there are trees, signs, rails, mountains/rocks or other obstacles by the track, the "dogleg"-principle comes to use. This means that there shall be no objects between you and the road itself. The exception is when the co-driver actually says "cut" when the obstacles (signs etc.) are placed near the road.
Note! The meaning of these rules is not to take away the joy of driving a bit crazy, but to aim at a perfect fast run of a kind which you actually could get away with in real life.